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Vision Registration Systems

3D Screen Printing

Miller Process’s Vision Registration System is the latest technology for three-dimensional screen printing registration. In 1994, MPC was the first to develop, introduce, and patent the laser registration system. Keeping with that “pioneer” spirit, Miller Process has brought registration into the 21st century with the latest in optical technology.

Simple Set Up

The system uses a touchscreen HMI. Set up is easy. First, set the camera to see the item. Then, select an area of the first color imprint from which to register. The system memorizes the pixels in the area selected.

Advanced Technology

Unlike the outdated laser systems, this system uses advanced technology that works across the full range of the color spectrum. The system works best when using tooling specifically made for use with the system. The camera has built in LED lights — which strobe when the system is searching — to control the lighting conditions for more accurate print reliability.

An Option on Many MPC Machines

The MPC Vision Registration System is an option on models 95T-1, 95B-1, 95D-2, M3T, M1UV, M2UV, SL2UV, and SL4UV.

Miller Process Coating Company sells Vision Registration Systems.

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