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Target Screen System

The Miller Process Target Screen System is a master frame/screen insert system which increases production efficiency for printing single and multicolor imprints. The master frame is held in the machine and never removed. The screen insert is easily located in the master frame using dowel pins and is held in place using powerful magnets.

The Target Screen System includes a master pin file which is software-based (Corel Draw / Adobe Illustrator). The Miller Process pin file is used in your existing item art master file when creating your artwork. The pin master is printed onto your film positive with your artwork and used to manually locate the art to the pin holes on the screen insert. The system located the film positive to better than .015 of an inch! See Figures 24 & 25 as a reference.

Miller Process Coating Company sells the Target Screen System.

The Target Screen System can be used with any ink or enamel. There are two different types of screen inserts. Type one is coated with a corrosive, resistant, non-insulated coating that can only be used for standard colors. Type two is coated with an insulated composite material that works with hot color enamels. Several standard sizes are available. Custom screen insert lengths are available for handled items. For more information on the use of hot color enamels, click here.

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