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Printing Shot Glasses with a Multi-Color Servo Machine with Integrated UV Cure

When printing shot glasses with multiple colors on a traditional single color machine, there are many handling and printing difficulties.

When using a multi-color machine servo with integrated UV curing, these handling and printing difficulties are eliminated. Some of the benefits of using a multi-color machine with UV curing for printing shot glasses:


  • …printing registration issues
  • …handling the shot glass multiple times for one job
  • …running shot glass through an oven after each color
  • …grabbing a shot glass with wet ink after it’s printed

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With a multi-color servo machine with integrated UV cure, you load the item onto the machine once. It prints multi-color imprints with tight registration, cures the ink after each print, and the shot glass comes off the machine fully cured and ready to be put into a box by the machine operator.

Printing Shot Glasses with Four Color, Four Screen Printing Machine: SL4UV

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