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From Tired to Tried & True with MPC Machine Servicing

After many years of continuous use, or poor maintenance, machines start to wear. Continuing to run a worn machine can result in a drop in production numbers, along with profits. Miller Process Coating Company wants to help keep your production booming with our machine rebuilding and repair services.

When Miller Process Coating Company rebuilds a machine, it is updated with the latest (and greatest) technology. Cutting-edge technology for electronics, controls, and air may be used to best suit your end-product needs and your budget.

Our machine service team at MPC offers both rebuilding and repair services for our own machines — as well as most manufacturers’ machines, including: Autoroll, Harwell, Malkin, and Cerico, to name a few.

Machine Rebuilding and Repairs

This MPC 95D-2 was rebuilt from the frame up after 13 years of continuous service. The owner estimated that it has printed 25,000,000 (yes, million!) hits over time.

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