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Three Color Screen Printing Machine: M3T

MPC screen printing machines are made in the USA.

Miller Process’s M3T Three Color, Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machine is capable of 360+ three color imprints per hour. That’s over 1,000 hits per hour! It is the most versatile machine Miller Process has ever built.

Machine Features:

  • 3 hot melt printing stations (require thermoplastic/hot color and metal screen frames with stainless steel screen mesh)
  • Uses MPC pin registration Target Screen System
  • Print using one, two, or three stations
  • Able to print tapered items

Three Color Screen Printing Machine: M3T

Fully Adjustable

This machine is equipped with a manual front height and electric assist rear height adjustment feature. All height adjustments (off contact) are made from the front of the machine. The chuck system is also adjustable and can be angled to print tapered items, such as a mixing or pint glass. The controls are located on the front of the machine and are easily adjustable, as well.

Machine Specifications Standard Equipment Machine Options
Height: 67″ Rack & Pinion Drive System EyeWare Camera Registration System
Width: 45″ Target Screen System Bottle Cradle
Depth: 64″ Electronic Assist Rear Height Adjustment Pusher Support
Weight: 1,200 lbs Integrated Hot Color Unites with Amp Meters Electric Clutch System
Duty: Continuous Three Hot Pots HXX/HXX-V Mug Check
Power: 240V Single Phase, 50-60 Hz, 20 Amps 18″ Stroke Stationary Flood Bar
Air: 90 PSIG Dry Filtered 2″ Pusher Pad Pneumatic Flood Bar
Stroke: 18″ #64 Gear Inflater Unit (for soft plastics)
CPM: Up to 9 Three 3-1/4″ Squeegee Holders Auto Spin Unite (for printing items with a lug)
Max. Diameter: 6-1/2″
CFM Max: .9ft.
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