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Single Color, Compact Printing Machine: M1E

MPC screen printing machines are made in the USA.

Miller Process’s M1E Compact, Single Color, Semi-Automatic, Cylindrical Screen Press is capable of up to 1,200+ imprints per hour. This is the ideal entry-level machine.

Machine Features:

  • Side mounted controls
  • Fully adjustable
  • Able to print tapered items
  • Multi-color capable (one color at a time)

Single Color Compact Screen Printing Machine: M1E

Printing Abilities

The M1E features side mounted controls which are easily accessible and fully adjustable. This machine has the latest PLC control system, offering a built-in hit counter, Auto Print (allows the machine to cycle without having to hit the pedal for each cycle), and Bi-Directional mode (allows for printing both directions). The manual tilting chuck system adjusts easily and allows printing of tapered items. This machine has multi-color capability (one color at a time) for handled ware or items with a lug/notch.

Machine Specifications Standard Equipment Machine Options
Height: 30″ Rack & Pinion Drive System Target Screen System
Width: 32″ Micro Adjust Screen Arms Four Roller Assembly
Depth: 15″ 16″ Stroke Bottle Cradle
Weight: 250 lbs 2″ Pusher Pad Pusher Support
Duty: Continuous #64 Gear HXX/HXX-V Mug Check
Power: 110V, 50-60 Hz, 10 Amps 3-1/4″ Squeegee Holder Flat Printer Attachment
Air: 90 PSIG Dry Filtered Stationary Flood Bar
Stroke: 16″ Pneumatic Flood Bar
CPM: Up to 25 Inflater Unit (for soft plastics)
Max. Diameter: 7″ Auto Spin Unit (for printing items with a lug)
CFM Max: .35ft. 22″ Print Stroke

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