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Eight Color, Screen Printing Machine: SR8T

MPC screen printing machines are made in the USA.

Miller Process’s SR8T Eight Color, Servo Motor-Controlled Printing Machine comes standard with eight integrated hot color units and a 24″ safety light curtain at each of its four print stations.

Machine Features:

  • 4 HMI control panel touchscreens
  • 4 chuck assemblies to maximize production
  • Able to print one-to-eight color jobs

Eight Color, Screen Printing Machine: SR8T

Maximized Production

This machine has four HMI control panel touchscreen — one at each of the four print stations — and four chuck assemblies to maximize production.

Fully Adjustable

Adjust item diameter, stroke lengths, machine speed, and UV flash speeds with the push of a button. The machine has 1,000 item pre-sets to save items or specific jobs.

Able to Print Tapered Items

The SR8UV features the Miller Process tilting chuck system, which adjusts easily and allows printing of tapered items.

NO Mechanical Gearing Needed

Servo controls eliminate the need for any mechanical gearing.

Machine Specifications Standard Equipment Machine Options
Height: 83″ Eight Integrated Hot Color Units EyeWare Vision Registration System
Width: 96″ Four Chuck Assemblies 10″ HMI Control Panel Touchscreens
Depth: 96″ One 8″ HMI Control Panel Touchscreen Add Four Chuck Assemblies For A Total Of Eight
Weight: 5,500 lbs Three 5″ HMI Control Panel Touchscreens
Duty: Continuous Eight Target Screen System Master Frames; Maximum Insert Size 7.5″T x 15.5″W **Note: The HXX Chuck can NOT be used on this machine.**
Power: 200-240V 3 Phase, 50-60 Hz, 100 Amps Eight 4-1/2″ Squeegee Holders **Note: This machine requires the use of toolings made from materials that can withstand high temperatures.**
Air: 90 PSIG Dry Filtered Eight 4-1/2″ Pneumatic Flood Bars
Stroke: 12″ Approx. 11″ Usable Micro-Adjust Screen Arms
CPM: Up to 12 Four 48″ Safety Light Curtains (in front of each print station)
Max. Diameter: 5″ Four Print Stations (Two Screens At Each)
CFM Max: 1.5ft. 2″ Pusher Pad
NO Tooling Included

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