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The Cylindrical Screen Printing Experts

Miller Process Coating Company was built by a team with strong decorating and machine building experience. To-date, MPC has over 500 machines in operation worldwide. From digital vision registration systems, to servo-driven machines with integrated UV cure units, MPC is considered a premier innovator in the production of screen printing equipment for cylindrical wares. MPC offers several standard cylindrical screen print machine models. The company also designs and builds specialty machines and robotic loaders/unloaders.

Company History

Founded in 1985 by William J. Miller III, Miller Process Coating Company began as a manufacturer of gold banding and gold lining machines.  In 1986, the company expanded into cylindrical screen printing machinery.  Designing, building, and patenting many cutting-edge designs — including the first automatic laser registration system for registering multi-color imprints on non-handled items, the HXX Mug Chuck, the 95D-2 two-color machine, and the 95T-1 table top machine — MPC evolved into a leading manufacturer of both lining/banding and screen printing machinery.

Custom Machines for Your Specific Needs

No matter how specialized your manufacturing or production needs, Miller Process Coating Company is committed to designing and engineering a custom-automated solution specific to your needs. MPC has the experience and know-how for implementing the most cutting-edge technologies which best meet a company’s needs.

Made in the USA

With over 20 years in the industrial automation industry, Miller Process Coating Company’s machinery is designed, built, and serviced by a highly skilled workforce — using the highest quality materials — in the U.S.

Cylindrical Printing Experts

MPC Automation

Miller Process Coating Company understands the need to produce product as efficiently and reliably as possible. Having experience with robotics, PLCs, touch screens, machine vision, pneumatic & motion controls, and other automation solutions, MPC Automation works closely with its customers to both develop new systems, and to cost-effectively enhance the capabilities of existing machines, to meet their requirements.

Learn more about MPC Automation.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Miller Process Coating for nearly 20 years. As a repeat customer, I would highly recommend their products over any other suppliers in the business. With over 20 years experience, they can answer any printing questions. Miller’s customer service has always been helpful for any technical assistance needed — guiding me along the way…”
–Scott Hellwig, Production Manager at Adsun Inc.
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